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Rabbi Avrohom Kelman

Rabbi Avrohom Kelman, trailblazer and visionary, more than ever represents an eloquent equation in Yeshiva education. He is acknowledged by preeminent educators and Torah leaders worldwide for his prescience 50 years ago in establishing an outpost of Chinuch in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Together with a dynamic group of baalei batim, Rabbi Kelman established the Elementary Division of Prospect Park Yeshiva. From inception, the Yeshiva's focus was to develop a well-rounded, expressive individual, strengthened with yiras shamayim and deeply rooted Torah hashkafot. The Yeshiva, which since 1962 (the first graduation) made the singular commitment to educating girls exclusively, from Pre-School through Post-High School, has assumed a leading position in our Torah community. Prospect Park Yeshiva has produced talmidos who are role models of auhentic Torah living throughout the world.

What better way to celebrate a half-century of Torah leadership in young women's education, particularly during these most difficult and trying times, than to CONNECT ONCE MORE with all who have entered our portals, and maintain open communication?

Opportunities must be seized. Prospect Park Yeshiva's half-century of education meets the crossroads of technology; enabling all to easily, efficiently and happily reconnect. The Yeshiva is intent on finding every one of our graduates, sharing our stories, our families, and our dreams.

Prospect Park Yeshiva's goal is to "Prospect" the future; to coalesce its strength by "mining" its past. We are determined to "find" every one of our girls and educators via email and fax. We intend to create a virtual community of "Prospectors" – that will be an open, constant source of communication and assistance.

The first step is easy. Please give us your name,and a phone number and address where you can be reached, and include your maiden name and year of graduation -- and if you wish, a line or two about what you are doing. You can fill out our on-line form (there is a special Alumnae section at the bottom). Or, just e-Mail the information to alumni@bloppy.org, fax to Prospect Park Yeshiva at 718-376-4497, or mail it in an envelope addressed to: Alumni C/O Prospect Park Yeshiva, 1604 Avenue R, Brooklyn, NY 11229. It only takes a moment -- your email address and "what you're doing" will mean the world to us!

We will share the exciting progress we have made in the press, via mailings, and in the virtual community we will create.

Rabbi Avrohom Kelman/Right
Rabbi Leib Kelman/Left
We are prouder than ever about the "Hisorerus" that infuses our students. We aim to instill in our girls Hashkofos HaTorah, a delight and excitement in using all their talents, and a sense of joy in assuming their mantle as future Mothers of K'lal Yisrael.

We are educating our girls not only for who they are now, but for the largest possible vision of themselves. We educate them for our conception of what the future might bring them as women of K'lal Yisrael in the next generation.

We encourage our girls how to have fun. We tap into their deep reservoirs of simple, spontaneous joy. Additionally, they enjoy a whole host of "formal fun activities" that have become integral to our high school: Purim Chagigos, Chanukah Chagigos, Lag B'Omer trips, Grade Shabbatonim, G.O. activities, Motzei Shabbos activities -- and so much more!

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